Producers of Bicholim

Bicholim boasts of one of the most scenic waterfalls at Arvalem and not to forget, the Mayem Lake. The vast countryside is surrounded by a wide network of cashew trees.

The most historic and ancient Hindu temples, the Saptakoteshwar Temple and one of the oldest mosques is located here. The striking difference to this place is provided by the open areas in which are found the open cast iron ore mines. This adds to the already distinguished features of Goa. From the old conquests across the river are found Hindu precincts.

There are mainly two ways to visit Bicholim, one way being a ferry route from Ribander to Chorao with Madel being the place for landing, further across this island, the river is silted up which provides a short bridge connecting Chorao with Bicholim.

The road from the shore leads towards the right to Naroa, where is found the historic Saptakoteshwar Temple in the midst of an almost hidden valley surrounded by a green water lake.

(Ulhas Parab)
Address: Pimplewada, Amona, Bicholim, Goa.

Phone: 9762323356