Long Beans

Long Beans or Vigna sinensis, easily found in the fields, in the garden, yard, in the fields or other crops as a distraction. The treatment is easy, making this one plant easily grown. It have crisp taste when they still young.

Beside special taste of long bean, long beans contain high fiber. Therefore, long bean is very good to be consumed by people with diabetes. Another benefit is smooth bowel movements and lower cholesterol levels. In 100 grams of length contained kacan kalsiom 34 mg, 34 mg phosphorus, 0.8 mg iron, 422 mg carotenoids, and C21 vitamun mg.


Farmers Club Producing Long Beans


Rivina Farmers Club

Ambaulim Farmers Club

Sawmi Samarth Farmers Club


Balaram Farmers Club

Bhumika Farmers Club

Shree Vetaleshwar Farmers Club