Producers of Marmugao

Mormugao was created for administrative purposes very recently in 1917 due the urbanization of the Vasco Mormugao area and the significance of Mormugao as a port town. This port town was initially a headland with the presence of a great fortress built in 1624 similar to that of the Fort Aguada at Sinquerim. This fortress became the official residence of the Portuguese Viceroy, Caetano de Melo e Castro who selected it as the capital of Old Goa in the early part of the 17th century.


The stretch of road towards Vasco is quite dusty and gives a perfect outlook of Goa’s slow life. All along this road, one can find the material used for Goa’s roads, all plastered only to a certain area from which red dust is scattered all over by the large lorries and trucks. There are many fruit> bearing trees amidst houses along this wide stretch of road which seems never ending till infinity. There is an islet just further named after the chapel of St. Jacinta which has a fisherman’s edge and a few landing steps and is linked by a small causeway. The area is quite lush green with glossy cashew bushes surrounding this islet on the rocky shores of the estuary.

(Jose Rodrigues)
Address: House No. 21, Verna - Marmugao, Goa

Phone: 9422450784