CONO WEEDER: is a helpful invention for Paddy weeding Womens. Weeding is the process of eliminating the competition of unwanted plants to the regular crops so that crops can be grown profitably. Management of weeds is an important component of production techniques as elimination of weeds is expensive and hard to achieve. Cono Weeders are becoming popular because they are utilized under shallow water conditions. Weeds are uprooted by the teeth of the weeder and buried in the mud by push and pull operations of the weeder.

POWER TILLER: are non-controversial so far as the displacement of labour is concerned. In fact power tiller sets all such controversies at rest since it engages more labour per unit of land than tractor and bullock farms and is particularly useful in the intensive cultivation of paddy as has been the experienced in Japan, Tiwan and some Far East countries. In addition to seed bed preparation, many other operations like interculture, plant protection, harvesting, threshing, irrigation etc. can be successfully accomplished by Power Tiller.

HARVESTER: Harvester is used to gather crops that are either still standing or have been cut into a swath, separate the seeds from the leaves and stems (called chaff), and store the seeds in a holding bin at the top of the combine until it's is full and needs to be emptied, though an auger, to a grain truck. Harvester now needed the services of only two men, one to drive and the other to shock the bundles, tie the grain into bundles of uniform size, and dump them in piles of five ready to be shocked. Grain must be separated from the straw and chaff.